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Unique Thinking About Ancient Astronaut by Morten St. George


A GUIDE TO CRYPTIC THINKING, decoding ciphers, brings the topic of ancient astronaut back to hot.When we talk about ancient astronaut, there is a theory that alien astronaut visited our earth during ancient times and they affected our creation of civilization and humankind as well. Did those alien astronauts help us on the ancient marvels, such as pyramid, Easter Island, or the Nasca Lines in Peru? Were they responsible for the advanced ancient civilizations like Egypt or the Mayans? It is interesting that the mural (painting) recorded the pictures of ancient astronaut used to visit our earth at Mountain Helan in ancient China before 7000 years. The astronaut in the pictures had an armet and sealed clothing, which is very similar to the appearance of our modern astronaut. It was also showed the UFO in the mural. It is assuming the aliens showed up earliest in China. In 1970's, an international sensation was happened by Erich von Deniken caused. He challenged the primitive human constructed the large-stone building by themselves. He imagined the ancient astronaut supporting it. Validated by archaeologists that the large-stone building constructed by primitive human without alien support. But it cannot say giving up to search the possibility of other evidence of ancient astronaut. Published by St. George published. A GUIDE TO CRYPTIC THINKING, incantation of the law against inept critics. There is a section of the book is regarded to ancient astronaut. It takes up the challenge about ancient astronaut. It does not concern with what the alien astronaut did, but care about what they left behind. The way is led by Deception cryptography. May be you would ask, "What is this book talking about?" It covers several categories including science, society, culture, art and etc which linking with archaeoastronomy, astrobiology, planetary astronomy, SETI astronomy, and cosmology. One section is talking about a Nostradamus prophecy of the JFK assassination. One section is showing and reevaluating archaeological imagination. One section is presenting something about a parallel universe and time travel at a velocity of light. One section is sharing us a scheme to pull humankind out of the Dark Ages. One section is concerning a lost book of divine revelation called the Revelations of Elijah and a branch of medieval Judaism know as the Kabbalah as well. One section is referring to rearranging the orbits of the outer spaces. General speaking, this book wants to tell you about the theme of Cryptic thinking. What is Cryptic Thinking? The author explains: "It looks as a tool while decoding some messages which hided by deception cryptography. In some respects, same as the type of thinking, it is needed to construct or solve cryptic challenges just like crossword puzzles, but extends beyond written words to encompass all kinds of ciphers i.e. geometric ciphers, mathematical ciphers, date ciphers, and etc. Obviously, from the view point of St. George, A GUIDE TO CRYPTIC THINKING should not be a conglomerate book about separate and distinct subjects. It may look as an exclusive theme about a fish completely. A single fish from extra solar and come into our solar system 5 hundreds years ago. According to the thinking of St. George, this was not exactly a fish we know normally. It is talent and has multiple functions, i.e. understanding of human language. So, it may be ideal to refer to it as an aquatic alien.

Morten St. George (a pen name) was born in the United States but had been stayed in England and Latin American countries for many years. Now he resides in Brazil. He was developing a theory of alien contact during the sixth century years ago. His findings are popular in the world but different from historical and religious scholars. Many years later, he summarizes: "If the aliens had wanted more than one person in our epoch to :

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Canoe Buying Guide

The origin of canoes is as old as civilization itself. The American aborigines were said to be one of the early users of canoes. They use tree trunks as the main part of the canoe or the hull, fastened with sap, and stitched with tree roots. These primitive types of canoes were popularly known as dugout canoes.

A canoe is a human- operated miniature boat. This means that humans need to exert extra effort in paddling to travel using the canoe.

Unlike rowing, paddling requires the paddlers to look towards the course of travel. Paddlers are propped up on either side of the hull. Rowing, on the other hand, requires the rowers to face on the opposite direction of the course of travel.

Canoes were primarily used as a means of transportation. Of course, as modern technology has developed the varieties of substances to be used in making canoes, their functions had evolved as well. Today, canoes are also used in competitions and recreational activities.

Canoes can offer a great deal of entertaining and relaxing time with your family. Best of all, you can even get close to nature by paddling through the tranquil waters of the area and observe the wilderness on its natural state.

As much as canoes seem to be the easiest water equipment in the world, buying them may not look so simple. Remember, canoes may give you various benefits depending on their particular functions.

For instance, an aluminum canoe may be more durable than canvas canoe. Hence, aluminum canoes are for rough water adventures.

Given all that, it is imperative that you know how to choose the kind of canoe that will best work for you. Go after these principles in buying canoes to find out that type works best for you.

1. Know what you want

Before, canoes were primarily made and used as a means of transportation. Today, canoes are typically classified according to the way people want to make use of them.

For this reason, buying a canoe can be very tricky. If you are not yet sure why you want to buy a canoe, it is best to forego purchasing one first. You may not be aware of it but buying a canoe without a clear plan of what you want to do will only bring cause you problems.

For instance, if you are planning to take your family on a weekend nature trip across the lake, it is best to buy a canoe made of canvas. This is perfect for shallow, calm waters in the lake. With this kind of canoe, you and your family will surely enjoy the breathtaking view of the rough country.

2. Be wary of sizes, shapes, and length

Canoe dimensions can greatly influence the performance and function of a particular type of canoe. For example, a longer canoe can travel faster than the shorter ones. Flat- bottomed canoes provide exceptional primary strength and steadiness. Also, of course, bigger canoes can accommodate more weight compared to the regular ones.

So if you need a particular feature, it is best to consider the dimensions of your canoe and see for yourself if it will best work for you.

3. Never buy a canoe with a keel

It does not necessarily mean that keels are bad. The only reason is that keels will reduce the canoes capability to speedily maneuver the canoe to stay away from barriers or hurdles. That is why, it is better to use keeled canoes on open water or lake trips.

So the next time you want to buy a canoe, it is best that you buy a canoe without a keel to facilitate manual control.

4. Do not believe on load amount as advertised

This does not necessarily mean that there is no truth on the advertisements. What is being pointed out is that these ads do not stand for anything of high- value because most of the weight is being held in the center.

When buying a canoe, just always remember that canoes with broader edges can float better while canoes with tapered ends are quicker.

5. Think about the depth of a canoe

The usual and ideal depth for a typical canoe is 12 inches, that is, for the simplest form of a canoe. Of course, depth may still vary depending on the desires of the users.

For instance, paddlers or a camper may desire for an improved feature. Hence, they can either wait for the next kind of canoe available.

Indeed, canoe buying is not an easy job, but it is never difficult either. You only have to consider these simple guidelines in buying canoes to get the best buys ever, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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